Our Story: Kleen Living

Roddy and Kasey Diba founded Kleen Supplements on the principles of love, compassion, and necessity. 


Two brothers wanted a better, healthier quality of life for themselves, their family, and their surrounding community. 


In 2017, Roddy was involved in a severe car crash involving a drunk driver. The collision resulted in a broken ankle. He suffered serious discomfort and pain, preventing him from walking normally. Roddy refused to treat the injury with pharmaceuticals, which can lead to dangerous side effects and are highly addictive, so he sought an alternative. 


Roddy’s pain ceased, but he developed a significant case of insomnia. For about half a year, he could barely sleep more than two hours at a time. He pinpointed the lack of sleep as his most prevalent issue, but other holistic sleep aids didn’t suffice. Most wouldn’t work–and when he found a sleep supplement that did–Roddy woke up feeling extremely groggy and lethargic. He had no other choice than to figure out a solution.


Roddy contacted a friend of his–one who just happens to be a chemist. After conducting hours of research on natural sleep-inducing ingredients, the duo went to work. Roddy completed thousands of hours and trials trying to find the right formula. They conceived the perfect Sleep Aid capsule prototype, consisting of CBD, melatonin, Valerian root, chamomille, and more. 


After piecing the puzzle together, the solution was finally available. Roddy could finally achieve a healthy amount of sleep. He had another idea: if it worked for him, why not see if it worked for others? He immediately thought of helping his mother with this new concoction, as she had been living with fused discs in her back for the past 25 years. 


Her fate was identical. Other than experiencing backaches throughout her day, the discs also prevented her from experiencing an adequate amount of sleep. Seeing his mother, Badri, persevere through perpetual pain worried Roddy. Her troubles mirrored his own following his car crash, but her body didn’t heal as quickly. It was an issue affecting her everyday life. 


Roddy knew that his prized formula had worked for him, but he didn’t know if it would work on his mother. He got the Sleep Aid tested by third-party labs. After receiving several safety verifications, his mother would take it. The Sleep Aid worked, to no surprise. She was sleeping more and with fewer interruptions. 


Roddy’s brother, Kasey, didn’t go through the same trauma his family members did. However, he empathized with their hardship and crossed paths with plenty of people sustaining comparable predicaments. He saw potential in the product and thought the Sleep Aid could help others. If it was good enough for his family, it was good enough for others. 


Roddy and Kasey transformed a potentially tragic incident into a positive, thus founding Kleen Supplements. Inspired by the obstacles facing their loved ones, they pooled their resources to serve those encountering similar physical hurdles. 


Kleen’s mission is clear: two brothers helping the public by pouring their hearts and minds into natural products without pharmaceutical dangers. With purer alternatives and dedicated research, Kleen Supplements aims for a happier, healthier world.